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Welcome to my party.

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I'M CANDICE PALLADINO, the award-winning dramatic character actress & comedienne, singer, VO artist, and storyteller. Thank you so much for stopping by.

Born & bred in New York, my sweet & sugary core has been glazed by boldness & chutzpah from day one; a perfect recipe to give rise to a performer. 

Picture me at three grabbing my great-Grandmother’s cane (a.k.a mic) and singing my passionate, sultry, alto version of the ABCs. Slowly, I get to the dreaded W. "Tea. You. Vee. Doub... Doub... Doub... Doubdoubdoub..." Trying with all my might, the crowd erupts into raucous laughter, and I learn to turn misfortunes into gold. The comedienne was born. 

School shows and music classes soon piled on as well as attending the Long Island High School for the Arts, New York University’s prestigious TISCH School of the Arts (Bachelor of Fine Arts, CAP21 Studio), and the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (Master of Arts, Musical Theatre Performance, Degree with Distinction). 

Scotland. It wasn't planned, neither was moving to England, but fate is a funny thing (maybe that's why we get along so well). Because each role I receive… Each award I win… Each script I write is a constant reminder I’m on the right track. A track that fills me with unbridled joy each fabulously sweet day.

What I bring to my life and art are some of the best Fs in the world (I'm still not great with the Ws): fun, freedom, and fierceness. My tenacity & quirkiness will fill you with laughter & joy one minute while my vulnerability & honesty might just break your heart the next. It’s a wicked combo that truly packs a punch. I hope you're ready.



Pond Jumper Productions

A writer/producer, too?!

It’s true! I’ve been behind the lens for a few years, but (drum roll, please…) in 2021, I started my very own production company: Pond Jumper Productions.

With it’s roots firmly planted both in New York and London, Pond Jumper celebrates the best (and funniest) aspects from both cultures to create engaging, entertaining, and elegantly hilarious visual art of all shapes and sizes.


To hear more and #JumpWithUs, follow us on social media #PJP

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